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Paul Chantrill       Guitar

Paul Chantrill plays classical guitar.  He has studied music and performed in concerts in Australia and New Zealand for many years as part of a successful classical guitar duet, with a number of major choirs and as a member of various folk, world and contemporary music bands.  Although schooled in choral traditions with singing and chamber choirs (Fiori Musicale in Armidale NSW, the Brisbane Chorale, the Queensland Choir, the Male National Choir of New Zealand and Hamilton Civic Choirs in NZ), Paul now enjoys writing and playing mostly for acoustic and classical guitar. 



Paul's original music draws from classical and folk traditions reflecting different places, people and cultures he has met along the way.  After meeting Katerini Paul began a new chapter in his own personal, musical journey that tapped into the rich vein of Greek music and culture.  They’ve noted a strong linkage between the music of Theodorakis and the music of Spain, which in turn has the guitar squarely as the centre of its musical tradition.  It has also provided an insight into interpreting and presenting Greek music through the guitar.  “Its personal, rich intone is very intimate and direct and really fits the challenge of representing Greek music in an exciting way.”

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